Safari For Android: 5 Alternate Browsers You Should Give a Shot

Although most Apple aficionados fall hard for the expensive handsets, they do agree that Safari for iOS is the worst! It has different functions on the phone and tablet, as compared to the Mac version. While there are several other browsers that gain huge popularity over Safari, the Apple brainchild remains resilient to change, is quite confusing and in some cases, even uncomfortable for the user.

Android’s Google Play Store has several web browsers for Android, but the burning question is, Which Is Best? Let’s take a look at some of the top 5 Similar web browsers Like Safari for Android in 2019. Shall we?

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Safari For Android: 5 Best Web Browsers You Should in 2019

1. Google Chrome

Chrome is Android’s flagship browser that comes pre-installed with most of the Android-based smartphones. There is barely anyone in this world who hasn’t used Chrome on their smartphones after finding its heavy use on the PC & Mac. But still, we bet you didn’t know a few things about Chrome for Android. Although there are no structural differences from the Chrome Web Browser, the mobile app does have a few tricks up its sleeve.

Google Chrome

Sync page

If you use the Chrome browser on your desktop and Android device, you can use the same bookmarks in both browsers.

In-page Search

If you are looking for a particular word in the text, Chrome for Android can help.
To do this, go to the side Menu and select “Find on Page.” The bar will open at the top to dictate the searched word, and it will highlight in orange. On the right side, the user can see if this word repeats during the text, with orange marks.

Desktop Page

Many pages do not work for mobile access, and this can cause errors, cropped screens, etc. To get a full view, in this case, the user can activate the “desktop version” by marking the item in the Chrome side menu.

Save Passwords

The browser also allows users to keep their passwords for faster and more convenient access. The feature can be adjusted through the Chrome Settings screen, enabling you to ‘Add Exceptions.’ Just activate the key and access your pages. If you change your mind, you can delete the saved passwords. Remember, it is important to lock the device so that, curious friends & family cannot access your accounts logged in through the browser.

Comparing Chrome with Safari,

If it seems like I am comparing the King to a peasant, that’s because Safari is a peasant. Although you can find some worthy features on Safari such as AirDrop, and multi-platform sharing, such as iMessages, Mail, Reminders, Notes, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. And you can also Print the web page if your iPhone is connected to a wireless printer (one that is compatible, of course!) Safari doesn’t even come close to what Chrome has to offer. You cannot change Safari’s default language settings, or Network settings such as Proxy, VPN settings etc. Overall, Chrome is one heck of browsers and a great alternative to Apple Safari for Android phones.   DownloadQR-Code Google Chrome: Sicher surfen Developer: Google LLC Price: Free  

2. Mercury Browser (Discontinued)

Mercury Web Browser, is certainly one of the most feature-rich browsers available, despite having competing browsers. Its functions are useful and allow a good browsing experience.

Gesture navigation

With gesture navigation, you can make the application perform certain tasks, such as visiting a particular site, from a pre-programmed gesture, Ad-blocking promises to avoid visual pollution on the Internet by disabling banners and other unwanted advertisements.

Manager download

Managing your downloads has never been as easy, before Mercury. It organizes your downloaded files into proper folders & shows the progress of multiple downloads. The browser has optimized versions for Android tablets.

Reading mode

The function separates content from a particular page into a screen without images, ads or links, making it easier to read. They complete the list of features, tabbed browsing, full-screen mode, and themes.


It will make your browsing on the internet smooth by blocking inconvenient ads, Reader, Translate, Dropbox.

Comparison with Safari,

With Mercury, you can even scan a QR code, by clicking on the top right option on the Address bar, which Safari doesn’t even know about! On Mercury, you can change the font size, lock rotation for the webpage you’re currently viewing, switch to private mode at any time! Instead, on Safari you’d take at least 45 seconds to flip back and forth.   DownloadQR-Code Mercury Browser for Android Developer: iLegendsoft,Inc. Price: Free  

3. UC Browser

Update: Although, it is a great web browser it collects unnecessary information and asks for almost all the permissions. There was a breach in its data center a few months back, we don’t recommend UC browser anymore. And the way it handles sponsored articles and news is undeniably worst.

With its super fast download and loading, the UC browser comes highly rated on Google Play Store. You will see the app opening to a plain background with most used web icons already saved to favorites. A scroll to the bottom shows you several things on the palate, like headlines, entertainment news, business news, etc.

On the home screen of UC Browser, you can also pin your favorite sites, so you don’t have to scuttle for it again. A scroll to the right opens a few other popularly used Apps such as CNN, GMAIL, and also the UC Browser web store, where you get to download interesting stuff. But, too much promotional contents in UC browser turns down many.

Night Mode

Quit squinching your eyes at nights, UC Browser is here with a special feature- the Night ModeIf you browse at night, it turns on the Night Mode option which makes the interface darker. Helping not only your eyes but also, battery power.


Safari doesn’t have a night mode feature, all it has is an option to enter the private mode!   DownloadQR-Code UC Browser – Schneller Surfen Developer: UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd. Price: Free  

4. Opera Mini

Extend the duration of your internet plan and battery. The application has undergone a major update on its interface in recent months. It provides real-time statistics and reports on the frequency of data consumption between installed applications.

Opera Browser

Opera Mini also offers data savings by compressing videos, photos, and media that are received or accessed over the internet. All this without loss of outstanding quality. You can browse the internet with the app, although running some plugins might be compromised.

Opera Mini is a very fast browser, which shows quality soon after being downloaded. The high point here is the simplicity of the user interface, the friendly design and the intuitive use of its functions. For example: by clicking on the logo menu (the letter ‘O’), you will see the browsing History, Homepage, Downloads and Browser Settings, among others. Also, the paging exchange takes place in a very agile way, just clicking on the Windows icon next to the logo. Finally, by activating ‘Off-Road’ mode, you make it easier to navigate in situations of unstable connection.

Compress short videos

Its principal function is to compress data. Videos from 3MB to 10MB in any application on your phone, not just the browser. Also, it determines which apps can use the data network and which are only allowed to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, bringing, even more, savings.

You can use it to monitor data consumption, individually, per application. The app can deliver daily or monthly usage reports. So you can know how much the phone is using and how many megabytes Opera Mini can avoid spending. With these features, the app compresses, by up to 50%, the data that arrives on the phone. That is, if the data plan is 1GB, it can last up to 50% longer.


Opera Mini has indeed improved over the years, and unlike Safari the designers of Opera Mini know exactly how to keep its users intrigued and even amazed. The App begins with an impressive graphical interface, and the whole look and feel of the browser are simply excellent!

The night mode option reduces the strain in your eyes and also has a built-in Camera option so you can collect quick pics if you ever need to send in a snapshot of something while composing a mail or chatting with a friend? Safari has none of these features and makes you flip back and forth multiple times only to send mail. It won’t let you attach pictures directly from the browser. And a great equivalent to Safari for Android indeed!   DownloadQR-Code Webbrowser Opera Mini Developer: Opera Price: Free  

5. Dolphin Browser

It may sound unusual, but Dolphin Browser is very practical. It allows you to draw with a finger for faster access. You can also create a personal gesture. Example: If you want to access Twitter, you can sketch a ‘T.’ You can see the shortcuts and settings will appear by sliding your screen to the right to left.

Dolphin Browser

Webzine Option

Dolphin wants to be even more present in your life by saving your favorite websites & displaying them in a column.


My most favorite of all is Dolphin, only because it lets me add browsers next to each other instead of opening a separate window as Safari does, and still, calls it a ‘TAB.’ On the bottom center of the app, you see a Dolphin logo which presents you a whole world of options, including sharing options, downloads, settings, and it even lets you share with Evernote! Now, that’s what I love about it!

On the right of the address bar, is the Control Panel where you can go full-screen mode or toggle between day/night mode, and even a desktop mode is available. To the right, you get to visit all your bookmarks, instead of shuffling through multiple folders at once which is a bit annoying in Chrome as well. Safari has a bookmark folder but not on the web page, you cannot integrate your bookmarked page to a current page, and it is quite hard to figure out where your bookmarks are saved as it doesn’t let you choose a specific folder!   DownloadQR-Code Dolphin Web Browser – Adblock, schnell & privat? Developer: Dolphin Browser Price: Free  

Concluding Safari For Android,

It is hard to choose a favorite when they are so practical with many so many qualities. Even though some of them may have similar functions, you will find the one that suits you the most. Each browser listed here will surprise you with their quirky features, trendy looks, and their secrets. Hope you found some equivalent browsers like Safari For Android. Try them and share your experiences with us in the comments.

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